About Us

Wild Eye Safaris is run by professional wildlife photographer Drew Burnett.

Wild Eye Safaris started in 2010 in response to demand from customers to give tutorials and pass on our knowledge. We also saw that there was room for a company that catered for the beginner / intermediate photographer that wanted to learn about wildlife photography.

It is our aim to provide each person that comes on one of our courses with the opportunity to take beautiful wildlife pictures, improve composition and technical knowledge as well as get unparalleled access to wildlife that they would not normally get.

Our ethos is that the client comes first, and they get the best access to the best shots available on each course. We are available at all times to give as much one to one tuition as each person requires. We also work closely with the group at all times and each time they change setting or subject so that each member can get the best out of every setting. We are firm believers that learning is best undertaken in the field. As such all our courses have minimal time spent learning in the classroom and as much as possible actually spent with the wildlife taking pictures.

Drew Burnett

Drew has a wealth of photographic and natural history knowledge gathered from his experiences travelling the world and photographing animals.

Drew entered the photographic world in his early teens and won the CAPS young photographer of the year at the tender age of fifteen.

In 2009 following an 8 month round the world trip Drew decided to turn professional launching his successful photographic sales company Wild Eye Photos. Drew exhibits his work with Wild Eye Photos all over the country and all the work from his shoots and travels can be seen online at www.wildeyephotos.co.uk.

Through Wild Eye Safaris Drew shares his wildlife knowledge and photographic experience to give clients an all round knowledge of what they are working with and how to maximise every element available to them. With his commercial and competition experience Drew can advise clients on a wide variety of successful styles to suit each individual need whether it is an entry to a camera club competition, images for sale or simply enhancing a clients own style.

If you have any queries regarding any of our courses then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01494 868972.

Wild Eye Safaris is a Limited Company. Company Number: 08052034 Registered at Companies House.