What equipment do I need?.....

What equipment do I need?..... - Tips, Terms, Equipment & More
This broadly covers our UK courses as we will talk over in much more depth what equipment is needed for an overseas course.

An SLR camera is not essential but it is preferable and will make your chances of getting good shots significantly better and much easier! We do ask for all students to have at least a bridge camera.

We recommend a minimum of a 200mm zoom lens equivalent for UK shoots and 400mm for courses abroad.

Sufficient memory cards for your camera. We always use 4GB cards so if you lose one you don’t lose too much!!

Bring your battery charger and any spare batteries that you have, you don’t want to run out of charge.

Tripod, although not essential.

Flash is not needed – we do not use flash when we photograph animals as it can cause distress!

Camera cleaning equipment.

Bring your camera manual with you if you have it. All cameras work differently so if you have any problems having the manual will allow us to assist where we can.

Dress appropriately, sturdy shoes and outdoor clothes.

Waterproof clothing, just in case!

Bring a plastic bag or bin bag, you can kneel or lie on it if it is wet.

You may want to bring a water bottle with you as we may be in enclosures with animals for some time and you won’t want to leave to get a drink.

Suncream – where needed (i know we live in the UK but we will be outside for most of the day)